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Over the years, we’ve had the chance to work with a lot of cool companies. Here’s what they have to say about working with us.

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Data Security Reviews

“SecurityMetrics helped make navigating the confusing wilderness of PCI compliance much easier.”
Lewis J., Access Systems

“You guys made our PCI audit as easy as pie for us. My team and I had an amazing learning experience with this whole process and the SecurityMetrics team made a potentially very stressful situation into a smoothly executed project. My most sincere thanks.”

“Premiere Sports Travel engaged with a new partner in early 2009. PCI compliance was a major component of ensuring this partnership was possible. We started our account with SecurityMetrics in September 2009, and quickly realized we had a lot of work ahead of us.

The relevance of ensuring proper ecommerce website security and protecting cardholder data continues to be paramount for our organization, and we could not manage this process better without the reporting tools and excellent technical expertise provided by SecurityMetrics."
Jason Drake, Director of Infrastructure and Security, Premiere Sports Travel

“PCI compliance was made easy with SecurityMetrics! Franco and Taylor were both helpful and pleasant. Thanks SecurityMetrics!”
Paula R., Hometown Village Pharmacy

"I am quite impressed with your UI and your demystification of PCI choices and criteria. I’ve been steeping in PCI since 1.0, and this is the most user-friendly and clear presentation I’ve seen for merchants with little or no PCI understanding. Kudos!"
Julian Paolucci, Skechers USA, Inc.

"SecurityMetrics provides us with quality information during our quarterly compliance scans. Their technical support team has been instrumental in assisting us with the identification of vulnerabilities and their resolution. Coupled with hardware and other software solutions, SecurityMetrics is an integral part of our PCI compliance strategy."
John M. Gibson, IT Director

"After dealing with a number of QSA auditors, we found SecurityMetrics offered the most helpful and practical PCI advisement. We are delighted to work with them as we continue to strengthen our PCI environment."

“My experience with SecurityMetrics has been great. I have called a few times in the past because I am not always sure what I need to do to be or remain PCI compliant. Every time I am helped with someone who not only knows how to help me but always seems to understand what I am needing help with, even though at times I don't even know what that is. I have never felt like the team at SecurityMetrics thought I was incompetent, but instead I've had people explain to me what I need to do in a way that makes sense to me. Recently I have had such a good experience with Justin, as he went above and beyond in helping me retrieve some information that I needed. Working with SecurityMetrics and their support team takes a lot of thinking out of this need for the business and allows me to spend my time on other things. I would highly recommend SecurityMetrics to anyone.”
Kimberly Smith, James Alan Salon & Spa

"PCI seems daunting - regardless of who you are. SecurityMetrics deployed professional, reliable and trustworthy people who enabled us to not only get through the process with ease, but also to educate us how to manage, control, and implement our strategy in the future."
Greg Mahoney, USAG, Inc.

“SecurityMetrics has been an outstanding resource for information security and PCI DSS compliance for Teleperformance. The SecurityMetrics QSA team has an incredible amount of insight and experience and often provides valuable advice to our global security personnel helping to increase security for both our own organization and thus our clients. Having used several PCI QSA companies in the past, we can affirm that SecurityMetrics is the best PCI QSA we have come across thus far. The assessments performed by the various SecurityMetrics QSAs are consistent and accurate. The availability of so many multi-lingual QSAs has been invaluable to a company such as ours with such a large global footprint. The sales and support staff have always been very accommodating to our scheduling needs and often bend over backwards to support varying requests.”
Bruce Wignall, CISO, Teleperformance

“Unbelievable results with PANscan. I don't work with our card program at all and yet PANscan found card numbers on my PC in 56 different files! The great thing about this is it's pretty easy to delete the files when you have the report that's produced.”
Dave Schoenung, Dayton Firefighters FCU

“I've worked with SecurityMetrics on a number of websites and I've found the company to be of the highest professional standard. I've also had some excellent, caring, and patient help with many a difficult security scan.”
Elliot, Starnet Solutions

"SecurityMetrics' Pen Testing has definitely helped us improve our network security in ways I could have never imagined. You just don't know what you don't know. I am absolutely confident in their team's abilities and my experience has led me trust them implicitly as a security partner. Their depth of understanding is impressive, and their professionalism is unmatched."
Morgan Leppink, Internet Ticketing Systems

"We asked SecurityMetrics to assist us with PA-DSS Certification for the RxEXPRESS Payment Solution application, which works in conjunction with our RxEXPRESS Pharmacy Management application.

We began working with the SecurityMetrics team in February 2009. We had never done any type of PA-DSS certification before, and the SecurityMetrics walked us through the process, step-by-step, ensuring that we were going down the correct path, providing the appropriate documentation, and would meet our internal deadline. While creating the necessary documentation, the SecurityMetrics team worked closely with us to ensure that we accurately provided the information necessary to prove that the RxEXPRESS Payment Solution application met each specific PA-DSS requirement.

The feedback we received from the SecurityMetrics team was invaluable! When our Security Analyst was on site, the several-day process went very smoothly. We then received a copy of the completed report before it was submitted to the PCI Security Standards Council. Once the report was submitted, we were notified and anxiously awaited the status of our approval. Thanks to the hard work of the SecurityMetrics team, we received our certification by our internal deadline date. Our clients are now able to view our validation via the PCI Security Standards Council Website, which has been extremely helpful to them. We look forward to working with SecurityMetrics again once we re-validate next year!"
Linda Helgeson, Senior Business Analyst, Catamaran, Inc.

"We recently went through our first PA-DSS certification. The crew at SecurityMetrics was fantastic to work with. The staff is extremely skilled and knew exactly what was needed to prepare for our certification. Anytime an issue raised its head, our assessors were always there with suggestions to correct the issue. All of our calls and emails were returned in a timely manner, and deadlines were met. Our onsite assessment was professionally completed ahead of schedule. We believe that the SecurityMetrics Assessors understand the payment card industry and how software engineers write code to process cards, making the entire process much easier for our company. We will continue to use SecurityMetrics in the future and highly recommend them to anyone considering their services."
Freedom Data Systems

“My experience with Taylor was refreshing. He was very professional and thorough. Assisted me with getting PCI compliant.”
Sharon T., George Street Studio

“SecurityMetrics has been a great help to my business and took a great deal off of my shoulders. The staff is terrific to work with. Thank you!”
Cheryl Jennings, Priority Medical Billing Service, LLC

“I want to express that EVERY communication I have had with the various reps at SecurityMetrics has been positive, friendly and just way above the norm as far as customer service in today’s environment. Today, again I was reminded of how nice it is to do business with a person that is pleasant, courteous beyond belief, friendly, and ready to take care of, or walk through any situation to get to the end result of satisfaction. Wow, what a pleasure. I wish I could steal your entire staff to work at my organization. Today’s rep exemplifies what your service is trying to provide. Great customer service! Interestingly, as we had a couple waits, I could hear other voices in the background with equally pleasant voices and attitudes. Thank you so much for your training and support. It worked! You have a winning team.”
Dave Kolstad, La Brasa & Bellante’s Pizza & Pasta

“In the past couple of days I have needed to talk to people in Renewals, Technical Support and Scan Technicians. Everyone, without exception, has been very pleasant to deal with and very helpful! My encounter with each person has been so outstanding that I just wanted to let you know what a super job you are doing. Whatever you are doing to train your people is working. Keep up the good work! Thanks to everyone for making my time spent with you so helpful and pleasant!”
Jerri Prosch, Lehr Middlebrooks & Vreeland, P.C.

“In June 2013 I was being told by everyone, including our software company, that I had to take certain steps to be PCI compliant. I started this process and almost completed it – when I was then told by our credit card processor that we now had to conduct a professional audit. Our little world was in chaos for the simple reason that we had never been through anything like this and we were learning as we went along. It was at this time that our credit card processor emailed me a list of auditors to choose from, but with a strong recommendation for SecurityMetrics. I was feeling pressured at this time because we were given a finite window in which to get this done. I called SecurityMetrics.

From that moment until this very day – I was completely put at ease with the guidance, confidence and timely manner in which SecurityMetrics handled my case. They immediately set up the onsite audit – working around my schedule. SecurityMetrics could not have been more professional and helpful with what they needed to accomplish and with the many questions we had for them. Shortly after their departure we were emailed a preliminary report and told that we passed the scan they performed. As I continued to complete all the necessary tasks to become compliant, SecurityMetrics was always there for me to answer my many questions – either by email or phone.

I would highly recommend SecurityMetrics if the situation arose. I look forward to our ongoing relationship as they help me keep our facility secure.”
Kathleen P. O’Brien, General Manager, Auto Valet Car Wash & Express Lube

"SecurityMetrics is the most retail friendly solution. At the small business level, frequently the person that has to interface with the tool is an owner or someone who has financial responsibility, but they may not necessary be technically savvy with using online tools. We believe SecurityMetrics meets that need better than anyone else we've seen."
Steve Methvin, Bozzutos

“Franco with SecurityMetrics helped me with each phase of becoming PCI compliant. You guys are awesome, thank you for all the help!”
Michele K., Dream Home Furnishings

"Maintaining PCI compliance is extremely important with large scale e-commerce applications. SecurityMetrics makes the process of getting compliant extremely easy. SecurityMetrics has been routinely testing us for the past two years. They make it very easy to be compliant and help with the potentially dangerous process of handling credit card and other sensitive information. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking to build and maintain a secure environment."
Thomas W., President, eVitamins

HIPAA Compliance Reviews

“HIPAA and security compliance is definitely the most confusing part of my job, but SecurityMetrics took the time to break it down and make it easier for me to put a plan in place. Now our practice is on the road to compliance. If you're not working with SecurityMetrics yet, you should be.”
Joanne Lynch, Fredericksburg Foot & Ankle Center

“SecurityMetrics has taken the worry out of ensuring compliance. They worked hand in hand with my Information Technology Specialist providing an action plan after performing an in-depth risk analysis.”
Dr. Sandy Sheehan, Cape Fear Podiatry

“SecurityMetrics has made our lives so much easier! The team is always very willing to help with questions and/or concerns, no matter what they are. SecurityMetrics has turned a difficult problem into a simple solution for us!”
Kristen J., Solomon Orthodontic Systems

“SecurityMetrics was proactive in pinpointing where our systems may be vulnerable and then guided us to compliant solutions that worked for us! We highly recommend SecurityMetrics!”
Patricia Hoogestraat, Life Strategies

“SecurityMetrics helped me navigate through the maze of compliance issues. Excellent customer service!”
Mary Jo Marchionni, Joint Replacement Institute

"SecurityMetrics has the expertise to help me navigate the HIPAA compliance standards and the knowledge and tools to help me implement them. You have made HIPAA compliance easy. Thank you, you guys are great!”
Sharon Green, Faben OBGYN Inc.

“The agent I spoke with was very thorough and explained any HIPAA compliance questions I didn't understand. Although there were a lot of questions to get through, it was a breeze!”
Shaina, Atlanta Vision Institute

“Everyone at SecurityMetrics has been very helpful. From the beginning they have been kind, patient, and ready to help at any time. We continue to rely on them to answer our many questions. They continue to be professional, quick to respond, and eager to help. Thank you SecurityMetrics as we move forward with this very long process.”
Gai Kirkpatrick, Gilbert Pediatrics

“SecurityMetrics has been extremely helpful and patient in assisting me with navigating the complex process of HIPAA compliance. They are always available to answer any questions I may have.”
Gloria J. Seid, D.C., Palo Alto Chiropractic Offices

"I appreciate the expert help from SecurityMetrics as our office worked through understanding HIPAA regulations. The staff was knowledgeable and very helpful. The validation process went off without a hitch!"
Kathy M., Office of Dr. Mike Bloom

“SecurityMetrics was very kind and patient with me when reporting my PCI compliance. The agent had a coworker over the HIPAA compliance give me a call at my convenience. They updated me, we reviewed office policies and she gave me educational advice for the practice I manage. She spent a great deal of time with me so I felt confident and comfortable. I feel they went above and beyond. Thank you SecurityMetrics!”
Billye Jo Ritchey, Effingham Surgical Associates

“SecurityMetrics gave me the support and help to quickly review my HIPPA compliance and create the strategies needed to remain in compliance. A great and easy experience.”
David Hunt, Clinical Director/Owner, Elevate Fitness and Rehab

“Working with SecurityMetrics staff clarified and simplified the process of maintaining valid HIPAA compliance for my practice. They are highly professional and extremely helpful!”
Dr. Deborah Reed, Deborah A. Reed MDSC

“SecurityMetrics has been invaluable in guiding our office in the process of HIPAA compliance along with PCI compliance. Every team member has been professional, knowledgeable, and prompt with service. An exceptional experience all around!”
Kathleen Arnone, Financial Coordinator, Douglas G. Hammond, DMD, MSD

“SecurityMetrics was very helpful and patient assisting our office with security. They walked me through every step of the way, and now I know we have done all we can to ensure we are protected.”
Patti Richards, Dr. Daryl Catherwood

Acquirer Reviews

"SecurityMetrics has provided our clients with a high level of expertise, professionalism and service for PCI compliance. We have experienced firsthand the process in which SecurityMetrics makes our clients feel comfortable with enrolling and completing certification. SecurityMetrics takes the complexity of PCI compliance and then rolls it into a simplified process for all of our merchants."
Craig Lum, CEO, Card/Pay

"I work in our sales and support department for merchant services, and I've had multiple opportunities to conference call our merchants with the SecurityMetrics' technical assistance staff. I wanted to let you know that every experience I've had has been very positive, professional, and friendly. Where so often 1-800 phone calls can be nothing but an experience in expanding your patience level, the responses I've received from SecurityMetrics have been completely opposite. Where merchants have been confused or frustrated, I've seen the support staff there be patient, warm and understanding, and above all, I've seen your employees be very personable and treat each person on the phone as a friend. That is completely unusual in my experience, and very appreciated. It is my hope that you'll share this with them and let them know that they are doing a great job, because it's so important, whether in person or over the phone, to make people feel like they count, and not as a means to an end."
Shelly Wells, Cornerstone Credit Services

“Our experience with SecurityMetrics, from initial discussions, to planning, to implementation was very well organized, detailed, and ultimately achieved our PCI directive in the shortest timeframe possible. SecurityMetrics worked diligently and respectfully throughout the process – even working over what was expected to ensure SuitePay met its goals.”
Matthew Hetland, SuitePay

"SecurityMetrics has been an asset to our organization relating to PCI DSS requirements. SecurityMetrics truly understands portfolio management and impact to the merchant. The merchant experience is remarkable; their organization is aligned to give consistent professional customer service with virtually no queue/hold time."
Ryan Murray, Business Services Specialist, North Valley Bank

"SecurityMetrics has taken a very complicated process and made it simple. They have been very responsive in helping our merchants become PCI-validated, as well as taking whatever time was necessary to help the merchants understand the reason behind PCI DSS and how it benefits them and more importantly their clients. Thanks to SecurityMetrics and how they have assisted our merchants we have had to deal with very few questions in getting our merchants PCI DSS compliant."
John Wadsworth, VP of Operations, Higher Standards, Inc.

"On behalf of all of us here at Orbis Payment Services, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding help with our PCI compliance program. As we all know, programs like PCI can literally cause nightmares for any company. I must admit that when you first reached out (upon our request) to assist us with PCI, I thought you had accepted a formidable, if not impossible task. As the owner of Orbis, you were a dream come true. You relieved me and all of us at Orbis, of the heavy burden of dealing with PCI and some very PCI-skeptical merchants. And on that note, I must share the consistent feedback we received from those very same skeptical merchants. They all found you very professional, yet very personal, articulate, and sensitive. We, along with our merchants, have found you to be a magnificent problem solver in this area of PCI compliance. When there were issues to be dealt with, you brought solutions. When nerves were frayed, you brought calm. I hope we have the privilege of working with you for a long time."
Bill Isetta, President and CEO, Orbis Payment Services, Inc.

"We've been extremely happy with the high level of support, simplicity and follow through from SecurityMetrics. SecurityMetrics proactively assisted Versatalis in enrolling our portfolio in the PCI DSS program, eliminating many of the support calls surrounding this program. Reporting is comprehensive and easy to read. SecurityMetrics allows us to focus on business development and growth, rather than the intricacies of PCI DSS compliance of our portfolio."
Tom Cooley, President, Versatalis Payment Solutions