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How a HIPAA compliance program dashboard will save your sanity.

Most healthcare providers know about HIPAA, but don’t know where to start. And for good reason. HIPAA has 157 requirements, and most aren’t written in plain-speak, don’t have decent explanations, and don’t provide examples on how to comply.

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Another problem providers have is keeping track of their HIPAA compliance program. With so many requirements, polices, and security implementations, it’s difficult to record HIPAA progress, know next steps, or feel even minimally accomplished.
HIPAA risk assessment software by SecurityMetrics

The good news is, although HIPAA compliance solutions are limited, there are some great ‘HIPAA compliance all in one place’ software options out there. First, let’s review what’s needed for true HIPAA compliance.

What does HIPAA include?

HIPAA probably includes a lot more than you think. Like most healthcare entities, you’ve probably mastered the Privacy Rule side of HIPAA. Maybe you even have your Breach Notification Rules down pat. But I bet you’re not even close to mastering the Security Rule side. Don’t be too alarmed, most of the healthcare industry is failing on this front.

The Security Rule plays a crucial part in protecting patient medical data. Here are just a few examples of the implementation and documentation involved:
    HIPAA Compliance Software by SecurityMetrics
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Role-based access control
  • Documentation of unique organizational risks
  • Remote access security protocols
  • Networked medical device security policies
  • Patient portal security
  • Risk analysis documentation
  • Employee phishing training
  • Etc…
Unfortunately, the list goes on and on.

For more great information on what is included in HIPAA compliance, depth on the HIPAA breakdown, and how to make HIPAA a little more realistic for you, check out this blog.

Don’t you give up!

We don’t want you to feel like you’re drowning in HIPAA requirements, or give up on your important patient data security processes.

That’s why the SecurityMetrics HIPAA Dashboard helps compliance officers, risk managers, office managers, and healthcare practitioners keep track of all-things-HIPAA.
This HIPAA compliance software is easy to update and doubles as a documentation tool.
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Important HIPAA elements in HIPAA compliance software

Here are some of the most important parts of HIPAA compliance that are included in SecurityMetrics’ HIPAA compliance software dashboard.

"HIPAA can be so difficult to understand. Thanks to SecurityMetrics I now know what I need to do to become compliant. They walk you through it. SecurityMetrics HIPAA Dashboard makes it so easy to locate information I need. I could not do this without SecurityMetrics."

-Cela Keeton at Nicholas W. Feldman, DDS

Tracking next steps
As we mentioned before, most healthcare providers aren’t sure what they have left to do with HIPAA and miss critical security implementations. The Dashboard simplifies the HIPAA compliance process into straightforward, actionable to-dos that prompt you on next-step items for compliance.

You can even assign specific to-dos to employees within your compliance department, or across the organization.

HIPAA compliance program software

HIPAA Risk Analysis
A risk analysis is a way to assess the potential vulnerabilities, threats, and risks to protected health information (PHI) at your organization. The HIPAA risk analysis software guides you through how to properly conduct a Risk Analysis and documents your progress. In a nutshell, it shows you where you are most vulnerable, and then through the Risk Management Plan helps resolve those vulnerabilities.

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Where exactly does all your protected health information flow? That’s a question practically no healthcare entity, or even their IT department, knows the answer to. If you don’t know where your patient data is stored, transmitted, or accessed…how can you protect it?

Learn more about where your PHI may reside in this infographic.

A PHI map is crucial to securing all patient information within a healthcare environment.

HIPAA Risk Analysis Software

HIPAA Risk Management Plan
The Risk Management Plan is the compliance step that works through issues discovered in the risk analysis and provides a documented instance proving your active acknowledgement (and correction) of PHI risks and HIPAA requirements.

In this section, recording comments and notes are paramount to showing how you plan to correct certain security issues within your environment.

HIPAA Risk Management Plan Software

Privacy policies and procedures
Healthcare organizations are required by HIPAA to implement privacy and security policies/procedures unique to their organization. As part of the SecurityMetrics HIPAA Dashboard, you can document exactly when policies are implemented and keep all policies in an easy to access location.

Document HIPAA policies and procedures with HIPAA compliance program

Workforce training
Did you know your greatest liability and security challenge are your own employees? Employees are forgetful. Workforce member training helps them remember important security practices. Via the SecurityMetrics HIPAA Dashboard, you can track which employees have undergone training and which need to be trained again.

Document workforce member training

Business associates
The HIPAA Final Omnibus Rule requires covered entities to implement or update a business associate agreement (BAA) for all relationships wherein the business associate creates, receives, maintains, or transmits electronic patient information. However, many companies have a hard time even knowing who their business associates are. The SecurityMetrics HIPAA Dashboard helps document business associate agreements and keeps track of all your business associates.

Keep track of business associates

Prepare for a HIPAA audit
If the OCR came to your door and asked for your HIPAA documentation, (like they did to this organization), would you be prepared? As part of the SecurityMetrics HIPAA Dashboard, users can download all the information contained in the Dashboard, like their Risk Analysis and Risk Management Plan, as a report for audit preparation.

Prepare for HIPAA audit with documentation

Look like a pretty awesome way to establish your organization’s HIPAA compliance? Well, what are you waiting for? Get your free HIPAA Dashboard demo and check it out for yourself.

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