SecurityMetrics HIPAA solution testimonials from real healthcare entities like you.

Many covered entities, healthcare practices, and hospitals have experienced difficulty understanding what to do to reach compliance with the HIPAA standard.
Based on SecurityMetrics data, the average medical organization is only 57% compliant with the most basic and important healthcare compliance and security considerations.
healthcare compliance, SecurityMetricsSecurityMetrics recognized the dilemma of healthcare professionals in 2012. Because the company has successfully helped businesses with mandatory compliance regulations for over 12 years, SecurityMetrics leaders knew they could provide a streamlined, effective, and affordable solution to HIPAA compliance.

The following are case study examples for SecurityMetrics’ HIPAA solution that outline the various ways SecurityMetrics was able to help organizations reach healthcare compliance with the HIPAA law.

Case Study: Szikman Dental Group

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Having earned a reputation for “catering to cowards,” The Szikman Dental Group, P.C. has been the choice for nervous patients and dental-phobics for years. In addition to ensuring patient comfort, they strive to protect personal data and establish trust in the doctors and staff. The importance of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is paramount to their staff; however, navigating the complexities of the rules has long been unclear and quite an obstacle. The Szikman Dental Group, P.C. determined to comply with HIPAA and protect patient data. Office Manager Anne-Marie Whisnant and her colleagues partnered with a compliance and security expert to reach their goals.

“SecurityMetrics helped
us so much with the intricacies of HIPAA compliance that I feel 100 percent confident that all of our i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed!” 
-Anne-Marie Whisnant,
Office Manager,
The Szikman Dental Group, P.C. 

Challenges you faced with HIPAA compliance 
  • I went to a seminar held by the ADA on what we could expect.
It was very convoluted and unclear. It almost sounded as if it was going to be a monumental and gargantuan task to get our office to be compliant, and recordkeeping was going to be time- prohibitive. We really weren’t sure what we were truly supposed to do or not do. 
  • Our recordkeeping wasn’t really up to par, and though I tried to keep our HIPAA binder up to date, it was easy to let deadlines slip by and forget to ensure that everything is current. 
  • Data security was confusing. I knew nothing of encryption when it came to emails, X-rays, hard drives or our server. Even our IT people weren’t much help in this area. 
Resolving challenges with SecurityMetrics 
  • SecurityMetrics walked us through every step of HIPAA compliance. They did an initial assessment which identified areas that we needed to improve, and gave us a checklist and instructions on every step so that we knew exactly what we needed to do and not do. 
  • Along with the assessment, they gave us information to put in our HIPAA book to show that we were in compliance with all areas and even provided us with a compliance certificate. They also reach out to us each year to ensure that we remain in compliance. 
  • The SecurityMetrics team helped us understand the need for data security and gave us information that we were able to use along with our IT team to ensure our compliance with data encryption. 

Goals achieved working with SecurityMetrics
  • Understand and feel comfortable with the HIPAA mandate 

  • Completed HIPAA risk analysis and risk management plan 

  • Increased patient data security 

Case Study: Beyond Limits Physical Therapy

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hipaa solutions, SecurityMetricsBeyond Limits Physical Therapy feels when you entrust your physical therapy care to their doctors you can feel confident that the road to healing, recovery and good health is within reach. Protecting its patients’ data and increasing patient trust is also a major focus for the organization. The doctors knew about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), but struggled to fully understand the complex requirement. Beyond Limits Physical Therapy was determined to comply with HIPAA and protect patient data, so Doctor Matthew Sudweeks and his colleagues found a security and compliance partner to achieve their goals.

“SecurityMetrics has been good to work with. The law can be overwhelming but my support advisor
did a great job of taking me through things step by step. There is still a lot I need to do on my own but at least I know what to do and how to do it.” 
-Matthew Sudweeks, Doctor of Physical Therapy (Dpt) 

Challenges you faced with HIPAA compliance 
  • I did not even know where to start. The law was so overwhelming. I tried a risk assessment sample from an insurance company and didn’t know half the things that they were asking. 
  • Since everything went to our EMR, it was hard to think about how someone would gather my info. 
  • Overwhelmed with the time it would take to put our compliance in order. 

Resolving challenges with SecurityMetrics 
  • SecurityMetrics helped me get to a starting point and showed me what I needed to do and how to do it.
  • They broke down the HIPAA law and simplified it for me by taking me through 25 steps versus taking on a 1,000 page law.
  • Anytime I had or have questions I can always call my support advisor and he helps me out or is willing to find the answers to the questions I have. 

Goals achieved working with SecurityMetrics
  • Completed a thorough risk analysis
  • Making demonstrable progress on risk management plan
  • Increased security and peace of mind

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