Detailed checklists for teams working on PCI compliance.

We created our PCI Guide to help businesses get compliant with PCI standards and avoid data breaches. While C-level executives and compliance officers may oversee a PCI compliance program at the highest levels, it’s the IT managers and teams who are tasked with the day-to-day details of what “compliance” really means.

That’s why we include PCI Guide IT checklists to go along with each PCI DSS requirement.

IT pros keep businesses running: they often manage networks, field support requests, give trainings, oversee deployments, and serve as database admins—all in the course of a day. Data security and compliance are added responsibilities on top of maintaining basic business operations, so separate and thorough tracking methods can help make the entire organization more secure. 

Download our PCI Compliance IT Checklists here.

Information technology team management

IT pros have told us that they love our PCI guides specifically for the checklists. They use them to PCI Report on Compliance (ROC) or prepare for a PCI audit. The lists provide a starting point and help keep teams and individuals on task.
manage everyday security tasks, as well as to fill out their

Some IT departments print off the checklists for every member of their team to make sure no one is missing anything.

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Interactive PCI compliance checklists

There are twelve lists—one to cover each requirement—and within each are interactive fields and checklists. Managers and team members can enter to whom the requirement list is assigned, its assigned completion date, and actual completion date.

As interactive PDFs, the checklists can be checked and unchecked. So, teams can keep track of progress on the PDF versions, or just print them out and take them on the go. This feature also doubles as a way to easily document general PCI compliance efforts at your organization.

INFOGRAPHIC: 2017 Data Breaches

IT data security tasks

These lists are based specifically on PCI DSS requirements, and they are designed to help managers make sure that even the smallest tasks are covered. Each list includes subsets of “things you will need to have,” “things you will need to do,” and “things you may need to do.”

 We reference the specific PCI DSS requirement that goes with each task. For instance, on the checklist for “Requirement 4: Transmitting Cardholder Data,” we match up tasks with their specific requirement found in the PCI DSS: 4.2b, 4.1, 4.1.1, etc.

The SecurityMetrics Guide to PCI DSS Compliance

For even more information and tips about PCI DSS compliance, check out our PCI guide. Our 2018 version includes the interactive checklists as well as PCI auditor insights, forensic data breach statistics, and more in-depth information on each of the requirements.

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The SecurityMetrics PCI Guide protects businesses

We help businesses avoid data breaches because for us, data security is personal. Our CEO Brad Caldwell founded SecurityMetrics in 2000, two years after a data breach at his small business left him without affordable options for remediation.

We create content like our PCI Guide and Checklists to help businesses protect themselves from hackers and cybercriminals who want to steal data or collect ransoms.

If you'd like to learn more about PCI compliance or are interested in a PCI audit or HIPAA audit, contact us here.