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Your Favorite HIPAA ArticlesBecause of its complexity and technicality, there’s never a shortage of questions about HIPAA. That’s why we started this blog; to answer the most confusing parts of HIPAA, and to offer educational assistance on how to get compliant.

The following is a compilation of the most sought after and consumed HIPAA content on the SecurityMetrics blog.

10. Is Working From Home HIPAA Compliant?

Unsecured Remote AccessUnsecured remote access is a big vulnerability in the healthcare industry. With remote access applications and programs, it’s so easy to gain access to patient data from outside the office. The problem is, if you don’t utilize remote access securely, it’s the #1 vulnerability hackers exploit to compromise organizations.
  • View a short HIPAA Snippet Series video summarizing remote access vulnerabilities
  • Keep hackers from attacking your remote access
  • Secure remote access in your environment

9. Resolved: Does HIPAA Compliance Satisfy Meaningful Use?

Meaningful Use vs HIPAAMany mistakenly believe Meaningful Use covers their HIPAA requirements. Or vise versa. Unfortunately, these are two different standards, with two different purposes. Luckily, there may be some overlap for those hoping to minimize workload.
  • Watch a webinar about HIPAA vs. Meaningful Use
  • Get HIPAA and Meaningful Use overlap FAQ answered
  • Learn similarities and differences between the two standards

8. How Much Does HIPAA Compliance Cost?

HIPAA Compliance CostHigher management often regulates HIPAA budgets. Restricted budgets limit the resources available to help you secure your organization. This post was designed to help you prove why HIPAA budgets should be increased by explaining how much it actually costs to achieve compliance.
  • Learn the variables that affect HIPAA cost
  • Understand the cost of a data breach
  • Learn specific HIPAA costs, based on your size

7. HIPAA Compliant Passwords

HIPAA Passwords are EmbarassingEven though they are the simplest building block of personal and business security, passwords continue to be a problem in healthcare. This post explains strategies for HIPAA compliant passwords. For more password information, check out this other blog post on HIPAA passwords.
  • Take a quiz to test your password security knowledge
  • Learn why group passwords do not adequately secure an organization
  • Tips for strong, HIPAA compliant passwords

6. Could Your Waiting Room Wi-Fi Be Sabotaged?

Waiting Room Wi-Fi SecurityWireless security is crucial to your overall security strategy, especially since that’s the way most of your protected health information is transmitted. The problem is, some practices and even hospitals do not segment their guest wireless network from their work wireless network
  • Correct network encryption for your Wi-Fi
  • Watch a 60-second video outlining the importance of Wi-Fi security
  • The best way to configure your wireless network

5. How to Send HIPAA Compliant Emails

HIPAA Compliant EmailsSecurely transmitting patient data over email is a challenge for healthcare. Consequently, email encryption is also the #1 question asked of SecurityMetrics auditors. What is the correct way to securely send PHI to patients? Other doctors? Insurance companies?
  • Importance of email encryption
  • Learn to utilize secure message portals
  • Specific ways to secure different types of emails

4. Fire, Shred, Pulp: How to Properly Destroy Sensitive Documents

Destroying Sensitive PHIWhat are you supposed to do with physical documents containing patient health information? Though it seems like a no-brainer, secure document destruction is a serious issue that has caused serious financial headaches for some major healthcare organizations.
  • Watch a video to learn a fun (and secure) way to destroy documents
  • Why it’s important to ensure PHI is adequately destroyed
  • Tips on remembering to shred documents

3. How Much Does a HIPAA Risk Management Plan Cost?

Cost of HIPAA Risk Management PlansRisk management plans are a way to prove that you know about, and are fixing risks to your patient data. But what exactly do these plans entail? And what are an organization’s options when implementing these plans?
  • What should be included in a risk management plan
  • Get a sample risk management plan
  • Learn how much time and money you should devote to a risk management plan

2. A 21-Day Plan for HIPAA Compliance

Monthly Plan for HIPAA ComplianceIt’s no secret that HIPAA is overwhelming for most healthcare organizations. Well, how are you supposed to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. This blog post provides a detailed 21-day plan for smaller practices, including daily HIPAA tips that anyone can fit in a busy schedule.
  • Tips to help you start on HIPAA compliance
  • Make complex HIPAA requirements work with your schedule
  • Update, research, configure, or document for 10 minutes each day

1. Common HIPAA Violations Quiz Shows Where You Stand

HIPAA Violations QuizOur auditors compiled a HIPAA violations quiz that you can easily take during a quick tour around your office. Even well established practices employing a security conscious staff find problems similar to the ones outlined in this quiz.
  • Take the 10-question quiz to get a quick view into where your security stands
  • Get tips on common HIPAA violations
  • Learn about screensavers, shared logins, document disposal, and mobile device security
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